Bubbles and fun with Dawn

May 4, 2022

Bubbles and fun with Dawn

Please come and taste Dawn's two latest sparkling wines at 67 Pall Mall on 6th May at 18:30 



Many of our members have had the pleasure to enjoy some of Dawn Jones-Cooper's great wines.  Dawn is the owner and winemaker at Château de Monfaucon Chateau and works incredibly hard to produce wines that are widely admired for their purity, elegance and the joy they procure.

Dawn will be introducing two wines : the sparkling 2018 blend (her regular blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, Muscadelle) and also a brand new cuvee, totally unique in Bordeaux  a100% Sauvignon Blanc sparkling.


This will be limited to 20 people maximum, will take place at 67 Pall Mall at 18:30 on 6th May and will include 2 glasses (1 of each sparkling wine). The cost is only to reimburse Dawn and will be 20£/person.


Please sign up asap before the places go!


In the words of another fan

"In a wine trade that is often still dominated by middle aged men in pink chinos, it's massively important that we make every effort to champion 'inspirational women in wine.  I've met incredible people with incredible stories, but few can rival Dawn Jones-Cooper, owner and winemaker at Château de Monfaucon.

First up, she's a fantastic winemaker.  Her commitment to organics and biodynamic principles have helped her extract the maximum flavour out of her vines and into the bottles.  I loved the wines before I met her.  That's important to say before you start hearing about the person and the journey behind them.

Dawn is a force of nature.  I met her first in her salon in Mayfair.  That's right, you heard it, Dawn was (and still is) one of the finest hair stylists in London.  But a late night dare from husband Jay started a journey that saw her complete some of the WSET courses, and took her to Plumpton College to study as a Viticulturist and winemaker.  The couple then sold up in London to buy Château de Monfaucon, a wine estate in Entre-Deux-Mers in Bordeaux with huge potential, but in need of no small amount of TLC.

There is nothing to be done on that estate that Dawn will not have a go at herself.  Initially seen by many locals as a curiosity, this 'crazy English woman' has forged a solid reputation within her community and the wider wine world as one of the winemakers to watch.  Her very first vintage scooped medals at the prestigious Decanter Wine Awards and she's never looked back.

The best thing for us is that there's a very simple way of showing our support.  It involves a glass, a corkscrew, and buying a bottle of her brilliant wine."

Mike Turner, The Buyer, April 2020"

Bubbles and fun with Dawn
  • Day May 4, 2022
  • Cost £20.00
67 Pall mall
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