About Us

Laurence Mulliez


With over twenty-five years of experience, Laurence has been a CEO and Board member in different business sectors from banking to energy, chemicals and industrials, living in four different countries and leading businesses in over 30 countries. Currently, Laurence is Chairman of Voltalia Renewables and a Non Executive Director at Aperam stainless steel, SBM Offshore and Morgan Advanced Materials.


Laurence has always been interested in wine and obtained the Diploma at the Wines and Spirits Education Trust in September 2016. Only about 9000 people in the world have the Diploma, which is awarded in recognition for a large body of knowledge about wines in the world as well as tasting abilities.


“I believe that the wine industry is geared toward men (serious, wood-panelled, connoisseur type environment). But the world is changing with many successful women wine producers, and a growing number of women experts. I am passionate about discovering new wines and sharing what I know with my network and my friends. After all, wine is all about personal taste and choices (just like food); it’s about enjoyment, not being pretentious. I would like to create that relaxed and friendly environment where women can learn about wine and expand their horizons while networking and hearing a good woman speaker”.

Anne de Bérard


Coming from a wine family in Bordeaux and a passionate Spanish father, Anne’s childhood memories are directly linked to the beauty of St Emilion , the smell of the vinification in the tanks and the noise it makes.


After moving around the world (Africa included where Anne sold Toyota pickups) and drinking lots of different wines, Anne arrived in London and dedicated herself to sharing her passion with others.


She passed her Diploma (today Level 4) at the WSET and while doing so she had created her own wine group to gain more knowledge by touring the wine regions and tasting wines. Wines lovers always share a common language but their tastes are so different that whether you are a professional taster, an amateur or a beginner, there is always something to share and learn.


After a few more moves, she became a WSET tutor in the Netherlands and started her own business as a wine entertainer creating team buildings, wines events all around the Netherlands. Some clients also asked her to help them create their own wine cellar which was the start of a new idea and a new business. While doing so, Anne was and still is today, judging wines at various wine competitions in Europe.