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Uncorking the secrets of cyber with Monica


Monica Meade is the Global Head of Audit for Technology, Real Time Payments, and Transfer Solutions at Mastercard.

Before joining Mastercard, Monica worked for nine years at JP Morgan, where she served as the Head of Technology Audit for the Corporate and Investment Bank Markets team for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prior to that, she held various audit roles at Credit Suisse and Deloitte.

Aside from her professional career, Monica is a passionate advocate for social causes. She serves as a trustee of the Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, a leading blood cancer/disorder charity dedicated to raising awareness of the severe shortage of donors on the U.K. stem cell, blood, and organ donor registers.

Additionally, Monica actively volunteers with the U.K. Cyber Security Council as an Assessor for Professional Registration titles, offering her expertise in assessing candidates. Her dedication to advancing the field of technology audit and information security is evident from her past role as President and board member of the award-winning ISACA London Chapter.

Monica is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and a Chartered Cyber Security Professional (ChCSP). She holds a Postgraduate degree in Information Security from Royal Holloway University of London, along with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Management from King's College London.

Cyber costs millions every year and is usually not a question of "if" but "when" and "how long". Monica will share a bit of light on this hidden world and who are the big actors, how do they get away with it, as well as how to protect one's organisation.

We will be tasting a selection of wines from Clarette, a really nice French restaurant with a private room.


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From City Finance to Wine Romance with Tamara


Tamara Roberts – Ridgeview CEO Biography

Tamara Roberts is the CEO of Ridgeview Wine Estate, the international award-winning and family-run English sparkling wine producer based in Sussex. Ridgeview is proud to be a pioneering force in the English wine industry. Founded in 1995, they were one of the first wineries devoted to the production of English sparkling wine. In 2018 they became the first English winery to gain the global accolade of ‘International Winemaker of the Year’ in the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Tamara’s career began with obtaining a Degree in Law at Kings College London, she then completed her charted accountancy qualification with Price Waterhouse Coopers after which working in the London financial services industry. In 2004 Tamara took the decision to join Ridgeview to grow their family business, originally as General Manager and then promoted to CEO within 10 years in 2014. Tamara has overseen the growth of production in that time from 25,000 bottles per annum to 500,000 bottles, with plans to continue sustainable growth into the future. Tamara is responsible for the financial management of the Ridgeview as well as setting and implementing the strategy across all other areas from grape to glass.

Highly active in the English wine industry, Tamara was previously a director of the national bodies Wines GB and the Wine & Spirits trade association and now a Governor of Plumpton College which specialises in training the English Wine Industry and has a position on the Business Advisory Board of Sussex University. In 2020 she became the first English wine professional to become President of the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Tamara is very respected within the local Sussex business community. As a testament to Tamara’s experience, professionalism, and reputation she was awarded ‘Sussex Businessperson of the Year in the 2018 Sussex Business Awards and the Dynamic Award in the Women in Business Dynamic Awards 2022.

With ambitious growth plans for Ridgeview, Tamara’s vision is to focus on quality and sustainability while increasing brand awareness for growth in sales, tourism, and export which currently sits at 15 countries around the globe. Under Tamara’s guidance, with her passion for sustainability Ridgeview has recently been accredited as a B Corp, at the time one of only 25 wineries in the globe. Tamara is passionate about creating an ethical and diverse workplace where people feel they belong, can develop personally and professionally, and are respected.  This also extends into client, customer and community relationships.


It will be a seated dinner, starting at 18:30 and finishing by 21:30.


Tamara will lead us in tasting 4 of her wines.


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Zsofi, sommelier with Berry Bros.& Rudd

When I was 2 years old, I had my first “wine tasting” experience in Italy where my grandmother made me smell and taste a little of a sip of red wine. A few years later I found myself in Tokaj with my family where I kept sipping up the sweet wine leftovers from my parent’s glass (of course they had no idea.. but it was delicious!).

I was studying hotel management, catering, and hospitality at one of the best universities in Budapest. We all had to have 2 internships. I have done one in Cyprus and 1 in the US, in Colorado. Whilst I was in Colorado I heard about the profession of sommelier, for the first time. I was amazed by them, how much knowledge they had on not only wine, but food. 

I enrolled in the Court of Master Sommelier program and did my introductory course while I was out there for the second time in 2014. I did go back to pass my certified level to the US in 2015.

Moving back to Hungary I found myself my first Sommelier job in a 1 Michelin Star restaurant which for the year I was working at got the best restaurant in Hungary title. I enjoyed it but I barely sold anything but Hungarian wine and my passion for the world of wine just got bigger after my Certified Sommelier Exam.

Szentkiralyi Orsi, who is an Advanced Sommelier, reached out, not even knowing me. We met and had tastings together, and she said I have a talent and would love to help me, I shall come to London as if I ever want to become a Master Sommelier one day I should be studying in London.

So, I did. I had nobody I knew but Orsi in this country. When I moved to London, it was a huge shock and the most difficult time of my life. I started working in a 2 Michelin Star restaurant called The Greenhouse. Long days, lots of hours, not much social life did not help to feel better, but I had one aim, I wanted to be an Advanced sommelier. Eventually, the same friend, Orsi told me about 67 Pall Mall and sent my CV to Ronan Sayburn MS, who has given me a chance, so I started there in 2018 as a Junior Sommelier.

It was really heaven in terms of wine selection, clientele and I realized I still have so much to learn, but I was in the best place I could be as many Advanced Sommeliers, Master Sommelier & Master of Wine candidates were working there that time and who then helped me to grow. A couple of years later I took the Advanced sommelier exam. I passed for the first time, and I was on a high! Those 5 days of classes and examinations have been the most difficult days of my life in terms of studies and having my university diploma after this I can say was a walk in the park!

I decided I would like to and hopefully will become the first Hungarian woman Master Sommelier which I am still studying for. I have now left the floor – I needed a bit more balance and a routine, however, I still do some shifts in the Chiltern Firehouse next to my main job at BB&R. where I work as a Senior Events Executive.

The more I know, the more I think I do not know, and that makes me grateful. To me, wine is not an alcoholic drink. It is history, family, story, climate, geography and so much more. I do get emotional when drinking a special bottle which does not have to be expensive but that reminds me of the struggle of the vintage, or the story of the winemaker of perhaps a memory I shared with a loved one.

It has been difficult to live in a country where I had to build relationships, stand strong, and get to higher positions without much support from friends and family as they are far away. However, it made me stronger and I got to know and meet so many legends in the world of wine and have been mentored by such amazing people 

Come and join Zsofi at Berry Bros for a unique journey, tasting carefully selected wines in a very special environment (the cellars there are amazing and a "must" if you have never been).

We will have a seated dinner and taste 6 wines. We start at 18:30 and will be finished by 21:30.

We have only 3 spaces remaining.

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Napa Wines Fully Booked

February 7, 2024

Napa Wines Fully Booked

Event Fully booked.

Sarah Vandendriessche, Winemaker for Elizabeth Spencer, oversees the daily and seasonal aspects of viticulture and winemaking, regularly walking the vineyard sites, and engaging in thoughtful, open, active dialogue with our renowned growers. During the growing season, she works even more closely with their growers on best practices and goals for grape quality, grape maturity, and harvest dates to ensure the finest and best quality fruit for Elizabeth Spencer wines. “It’s not just about winemaking,” said Sarah. “It’s about relationships. What we do is built on the trust of the farmers growing the grapes.” An action person, Sarah is similarly hands-on in the winery, tasting wines from barrels, managing all wine movements, rackings, bottlings, and, of course, the controlled chaos of harvest and crush. “I conceptualize the wine and do blending trials so the wines manifest our vision,” she explained. “We continue to make wines of restraint and elegance, in the taste profile and style we’ve established.” A native of New Orleans, food, music and wine are part of Sarah’s cultural heritage. She also has a science background in microbiology and describes her approach to winemaking as holistic. “At Elizabeth Spencer, we look at winemaking from a macro viewpoint, how living organisms interact with their environment,” she explained. “There is an unpredictability and magic in winemaking—how the grapes, yeasts, bacteria and other soil microorganisms interact with one another. I constantly taste the wines, we don’t just rely on chemistry.” 

Sarah will be in person in London and will lead us to an informal tasting accompanied by lovely tapas.

We will start at 18:30 with a drink as ususal and then Sarah will present from 19:00 and we will finish by 21:30 latest

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How Boards work -Dambisa Moyo

Fully subscribed- no tickets left

Baroness Moyo of Knightsbridge is a member of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords. She is a principal of Versaca Investments - a family office focused on growth investing globally. She also serves on a number of global corporate boards including Chevron, Conde Nast, and the Oxford University Endowment investment committee.

Her areas of interest are in capital allocation, risk, and ESG matters. Dambisa is the author of five bestselling books on global macroeconomy and geopolitics. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Oxford University and a Master’s degree from Harvard University.

Dambisa has written many books, including  "How Boards Work" written in 2021. As she has been on several Boards, she can share insights about their inner workings, what Boards are meant to do, and how the Board members behave. 

The event includes a copy of her book as well as a sit-down dinner with wines.

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Lessons from women on the frontline -Trisha


Trisha de Borchgrave was born in Paris, France, to an American interior designer mother and a Belgian journalist father. 

Raised in Mallorca, Spain, she was educated at London’s Francis Holland, Clarence Gate, with a BA in French and History of Art from Bristol University.

She ran her own interior design and decorative art business for eighteen years, first in Oxford and later in Washington DC. 

She switched to becoming a fine art artist with exhibitions in Europe and the US until she switched again to writing in 2015.

Today she is a current affairs writer, published in print and online media, including Chatham House International Affairs Magazine, The World Today, Arab News, Tortoise Media, Huffington Post, ABC Spain and The Big Smoke Australia/US, The Independent, Vogue Magazine.

She lives in London with her husband and has two grown daughters.

Trisha has published extensively for diverse sources of media; her interviews with women experts in their fields - with a Taliban negotiator, a nuclear investigator in Ukraine, a corruption expert in Afghanistan, and an Asian transgender digital minister, among others - reveal that women's thinking is heroic and innately connected to the impact that their work has on the broader world, with surprising insights.

We will have a sit-down dinner with 5 wines, starting at 18:30 on Wednesday 11th of October.

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Wendy Narby: The Drinking Woman's Diet

Wendy has lived in Bordeaux for over 30 years, she is a leading Bordeaux wine educator, sharing her passion for Bordeaux through writing, speaking, and welcoming people to the region.

She studied for a winemaker master’s in International Agri-Food Marketing in Paris, working there in food marketing for eight years. Marrying a Sauternes wine maker, she moved to Bordeaux and changed cap.

She is passionate about helping people to get behind an often-unrealistic image of what Bordeaux is and how it works, dusting off what can often be seen as an exclusive and unapproachable wine region. She loves nothing more than introducing wine lovers to the people and the place behind the products.

She blogs regularly about the region on the Insider Tasting website and has written two books: Bordeaux Bootcamp, an insider guide to Bordeaux basics, and The Drinking Woman’s Diet, a liver friendly lifestyle guide.

A certified yoga teacher her aim is to help women develop a healthy passion for wine. 

With her family, she is currently renovating a ruined 16th century Château in the entre deux Mers, to welcome guests on wine and wellness retreats at the very heart of the Bordeaux vineyards.

Place: Restaurant St Jaques

We will taste 6 wines from Bordeaux that Wendy will chose to broaden our Bordeaux knowledge.

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Club's wine portfolio investment

A group of us decided to invest into wine as a financial investment about a year ago with Cult Wines.

This will be the opportunity to discuss how the investment went, what kind of returns we had on the portfolio and where the market of wine is going.

Olivia Souto will discuss the latest trends in the wine market and how that has impacted our collective investment.

We have decided to open the evening to newcomers who might be interested in joining the club investment and/or understanding more about the wine market.

Please register if you are interested in joining the investment club or just want to learn a bit about investing in wine.

We will be having nibbles and taste a few wines, starting at 18:30

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Rachel: Military culture and media in warfare

Rachel Blackman-Rogers was born in a small market town in Hampshire, where her mother’s family have lived for generations. She studied geography at Oxford University and then embarked on a varied career in academia, publishing and media including roles as a researcher at INSEAD business school and as a senior strategist for BBC News. She returned to academic studies in 2013 and completed an MA in History of War at King’s College London, before becoming a PhD candidate in the Department of War Studies. Her supervisor is the Laughton Chair of Naval History, Professor Andrew Lambert, and her thesis examines Britain’s strategic and cultural transformation during the French Revolutionary Wars of the 1790s. Contrary to the traditional historical narrative of strategic paralysis and financial chaos, her research has taken an holistic approach to political, economic, naval, and cultural, histories. Consequently, her thesis has revealed that Britain was being insulated from the threat of invasion by an evolution in naval culture and strategy and a fiscal transformation. Simultaneously, the government pushed the institutions of British defence, the Bank of England, and His Majesty’s Navy, closer to parliament to improve national confidence, and used the naval victories to build consensus for the war around a British maritime identity. Her academic interests include strategy, maritime history and identity, strategic and military culture, the role of media in warfare and contemporary maritime issues. She is also currently teaching at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in Shrivenham where she is involved in military education.

Rachel will lead a conversation about strategy and its relationship with culture. She will also touch on the role of media in wartime.


We will have a seated dinner at Cabotte and taste 5 wines.


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Discovering Stradivari's secrets with Maja


With a solid foundation in classical music performance, Maja Wegrzynowska's passion is enabling talented musicians to play their dream instruments.  Maja is the Director of International Sales at J & A Beare, one of the leading violin dealers in the world,  where she advises musicians, collectors, investors, foundations, financial institutions and patrons of the art on the acquisition of antique instruments. She also serves as Vice President of the Beare's International Violin Society and successfully matches patrons with classical music stars. In 2019 the Royal Academy of Music elected Maja as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM), an honour awarded for her significant contribution to the music industry.

Maja was a full-scholarship student at the Royal Academy of Music in London, graduating Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours and MA with Distinction. Winner of several scholarships and international awards, she also held the Meaker Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Music. Maja has performed at many prestigious venues including Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, St James Palace, Wigmore Hall, and Suntory Hall. She was a member of La Mer Trio, and worked with London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra, English Baroque Soloists, Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, London Contemporary Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia, recorded for BBC Radio 3 and was invited to perform for King Charles III and the Queen Elizabeth II.
Maja has also completed courses at Harvard Law School Executive Education and Christie's Education.


Maja will talk to us about Antonio Stradivari and his secrets, why his instruments are highly sought after today, the intrinsic value of violins as tools for musicians as well as works of art, the growing demand for fine violins as an alternative asset class for collectors, particularly in the current uncertain times. 


Art provides balance and perspective, especially during times of economic drain and geopolitical uncertainty. Pablo Picasso said it best, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


This is a special event as Trivet has gained a one-star Michelin restaurant since we have been there. The food and wine list are incredible.

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