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The London Women and Wine Club is centred around wine and women. The aim is to learn about wine in a relaxed and pleasant environment, while providing networking opportunities to professional and accomplished women.


It is a virtual club, meeting once a month in different places around London, always private and beautiful locations, with each time some different food and wine choices around a theme. Each event includes a woman speaker around a different subject.


Both Laurence and Anne are qualified with the Diploma of WSET and they are passionate about wine, helping you discover new wines and network while listening to a really interesting woman speaker. The events are interactive and have ample time for questions and networking.


Members will also benefit from a record of what they liked as well as wine tips, discounts on events and other benefits.

Lessons from women on the frontline -Trisha

9 Fitzmaurice Place

Trisha de Borchgrave was born in Paris, France, to an American interior designer mother and Belgian journalist father. 

Raised in Mallorca, Spain, she was educated at London’s Francis Holland, Clarence Gate, with a BA in French and History of Art from Bristol University.

She ran her own interior design and decorative art business for eighteen years, first in Oxford and later in Washington DC. 

She switched to become a fine art artist with exhibitions in Europe and the US, until she switched again to writing in 2015.

Today she is a current affairs writer, published in print and online media, including Chatham House International Affairs Magazine, The World Today, Arab News, Tortoise Media, Huffington Post, ABC Spain and The Big Smoke Australia/US, The Independent, Vogue Magazine.

She lives in London with her husband, and has two grown daughters.

Trisha has published extensively for diverse sources of media; her interviews with women experts in their fields - with a Taliban negotiator, a nuclear investigator in Ukraine, a corruption expert in Afghanistan, and an Asian transgender digital minister, among others - reveal that women's thinking is heroic, and innately connected to the impact that their work has on the broader world, with surprising insights.

We will have a sit-down dinner with 6 wines, starting at 18:30 on Monday 26th of June

Wendy Narby: The Drinking Woman's Diet

Restaurant St Jacques

Event postponed to September 2023 


Wendy has lived in Bordeaux for over 30 years, she is a leading Bordeaux wine educator, sharing her passion for Bordeaux through writing, speaking and welcoming people to the region.

She studied a master’s in International Agri-Food Marketing in Paris, working there in food marketing for eight years. Marrying a Sauternes wine maker, she moved to Bordeaux and changed cap.

She is passionate about helping people to get behind an often-unrealistic image of what Bordeaux is and how it works, dusting off what can often be seen as an exclusive and unapproachable wine region. She loves nothing more than introducing wine lovers to the people and the place behind the products.

She blogs regularly about the region on the Insider Tasting website and has written two books: Bordeaux Bootcamp, an insider guide to Bordeaux basics, and The Drinking Woman’s Diet, a liver friendly lifestyle guide.

A certified yoga teacher her aim is to help women develop a healthy passion for wine. 

With her family, she is currently renovating a ruined 16th century Château in the entre deux Mers, to welcome guests on wine and wellness retreats at the very heart of the Bordeaux vineyards.

Place: Restaurant St Jaques

We will taste 6 wines from Bordeaux that Wendy will chose to broaden our Bordeaux knowledge.

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