Club's wine portfolio investment

May 31, 2023

Club's wine portfolio investment

A group of us decided to invest into wine as a financial investment about a year ago with Cult Wines.

This will be the opportunity to discuss how the investment went, what kind of returns we had on the portfolio and where the market of wine is going.

Olivia Souto will discuss the latest trends in the wine market and how that has impacted our collective investment.

We have decided to open the evening to newcomers who might be interested in joining the club investment and/or understanding more about the wine market.

Please register if you are interested in joining the investment club or just want to learn a bit about investing in wine.

We will be having nibbles and taste a few wines, starting at 18:30

Club's wine portfolio investment
  • Day May 31, 2023
  • Cost £20.00
The Clockwork Building
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